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The Kishwaukee Sunrise Rotary is proud to announce it's fifth annual Community Grant for Children, Youth and Families of DeKalb County! The community-based grant (aka the CYF Grant) is open to DeKalb County non-profit organizations with a mission and project geared towards helping children, youth and families in our county. This $10,000 grant is funded primarily by the Taste of DeKalb event that was held this year on September 26, 2021. Thanks to event sponsors and volunteers, this year's event raised enough funds to support our goal of $10,000 in grant money going out to our local community every year. Grant documents are found on this website (upper left hand corner), to include the application. Application deadline this year is November 7, 2021. 
Interested in being in a service club that makes such a big impact every year? Consider joining us! If our meeting schedule doesn't fit your schedule, there are two other Rotary clubs nearby. Email us at for more information.

The Kishwaukee Sunrise Rotary Club recently awarded $4,000 to Voluntary Action Center to help with expenses the organization incurred in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the expenses included safety equipment for the staff such as gloves and hand sanitizer, and additional food to assure continual delivery of meals in case of shortages at local grocery stores.

The grant, written by member Marilyn Stromborg, was submitted to the District Rotary organization. It was selected for funding because it addresses the goal of community service.

The Voluntary Action Center offers Meals on Wheels, nutrition programs, community transit services and catering services.

Kishwaukee Sunrise Rotary members deliver Meals on Wheels during April and October each year. They have been participating in this service project since 1996. (Source: Shaw Media 

You may be checking out this website because you're considering Rotary - GREAT! You've come to the right place. Below are 10 good reasons you should consider joining us.

Service Opportunities
Club members have many opportunities for humanitarian service, both locally and internationally. Service programs address such concerns as health care, hunger, poverty, illiteracy, and the environment. Rotarians experience the fulfillment that comes from giving back to the community. At Kishwaukee Sunrise, we endeavor to provide a $10,000 community grant EVERY YEAR. This money goes directly towards helping children, youth and families in DeKalb County. Internationally, we support the Jane Adeny Memorial School for girls in Kenya. We raised and donate funds for this because we know that educating young women is one way to bring prosperity and advancement to any community, region and country (and the world!).

Professional Networking
A founding principle of Rotary was to meet periodically to enjoy camaraderie and enlarge one’s circle of business, community and professional acquaintances. As the oldest service club in the world, Rotary club members represent a cross-section of the community’s owners, executives, managers, political leaders, and professionals – People who make decisions and influence policy. Our club members are invested in the community and are the type of people who can "get things done."

International Awareness
With more than 34,000 clubs in over 200 countries & geographical areas, Rotarians gain an understanding of humanitarian issues through international service projects and exchange programs. One of Rotary’s highest objectives is to build goodwill and peace throughout the world.

Rotary was founded on fellowship, an ideal that remains a major attraction of membership today. Club members enjoy the camaraderie with like-minded professionals, and club projects offer additional opportunities to develop enduring friendships. Rotary club members who travel have friendly contacts in almost every city in the world. Have you ever met Diane Hammon? Join us for one meeting and you'll know what we mean by friendship.

Good Citizenship
Weekly Rotary club programs keep members informed about what is taking place in the community, nation, and world and motivated to make a difference. Each week we have a presenter, many of whom share news about relevant events and activities going on in our own back yard. 

Supporting the Development of Youth
Rotary sponsors one of the world’s largest youth exchange programs in the world. We also help run a leadership camp for high schoolers in our region every May. At our club, we additionally fund three scholarships for AMAZING students from DeKalb and Sycamore high schools and the Kishwaukee Education Consortium who have overcome incredible challenges and strive to build a new life for themselves through higher education.

Social activities give Rotarians a chance to let loose and have fun. Every Rotary club and district hosts parties and social activities that offer diversions from today’s demanding professional and personal schedules. Conferences, conventions, assemblies, and social events provide entertainment as well as Rotary information, education, and service.

Ethical Environment
Encouraging high ethical standards in one’s profession and respect for all worthy vocations has been a hallmark of Rotary from its earliest days. In their business and professional lives, Rotarians abide by The Four-Way Test:

Of the things we think, say or do:

1) Is it the TRUTH?

2) Is it FAIR to all concerned?


4) Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Leadership Development
Rotary is an organization of successful professionals. Team building, fundraising, public speaking, planning, organization, and communication are just a sampling of the leadership skills that club members can exercise and enhance. Being a Rotary leader provides further experience in learning how to motivate, inspire, and guide others. Members can participate in the three day Rotary Leadership Institute courses offered at various times during the year.

Want to be a part of something like this? Join us any Tuesday morning at 7:00 am at Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital in conference room 4. Or, if you're not a morning person, the DeKalb club meets on Monday nights at 6:00 pm at the Ellwood House Museum and the Sycamore club meets every Wednesday for lunch (12:00 noon) at Blumen Gardens.