The Kishwaukee Sunrise Rotary partnered with the Sycamore Whiskey Club to raise funds for their high school senior scholarship program on May 20th. The event was called "A Taste through History" and featured tastings of Old Forrester whiskeys which spanned their history beginning in 1870. Over 100 people attended the event where a taco bar was provided and raffle for various items donated by local businesses, to include Byers Brewing Company, Whiskey Acres and Chelsea McGhee Studios. Funds raised from the event will go towards expanding the Kishwaukee Sunrise Rotary's scholarship program which currently provides scholarships to one student each from Sycamore High School, DeKalb High School and the Kishwaukee Education Consortium. 
The scholarships are geared towards students who have overcome incredible odds to graduate from high school and are looking to continue their educational journey in some way beyond high school. Currently the scholarship is a one-time payment to be applied to the first year of schooling, but thanks to the money raised at this event, the club plans to make this a 2-year scholarship to help students make it past that first year and continue to completion. The club would like to thank all members of the Sycamore Whiskey Club for their willingness to partner and contribute to this important cause.